Get Your Shit Together – Toddler Edition

When you have two toddlers that you are obligated to take out with you every time you leave the house, you tend to take a lot of shit with you. Like a lot. Mum life right?

From the usual ‘have to haves’ like nappies, wipes, bottles, etc you then have the toys they currently won’t going anywhere without, the snacks they need for sustenance, plus the snacks for bribery (hello lollipops) – As well as your must haves, like wallet, keys, phone, etc
You gotta have a bag to carry it all, but not be so huge you can’t carry it, or that it won’t fit under / hang on the pram. And one that isn’t going to kill your spine whilst trying to carry it around.

Between my two babies I have had a lot of bags, a lot of prams and a lot of failed trips out of the house to render me a seasoned pro at making sure I have my shit together before even thinking of walking out that door.
I only needed one big moment of “why the fuck wasn’t I organised” since having the two kids and that sent me into a be overly organised frenzy so that it never happens again.

Tahlia’s hard lesson learnt…

I learnt the hard way that a quick duck to Coles, is most definitely not a quick duck to Coles.
Leo spilled his entire apple juice bottle all over himself in the car on the way to coles, I had no change of clothes for him and had to make the kid walk through Coles wet and sticky.
Cruz decided to do a poonami to end all poonami’s while we were walking around Coles, I didn’t know he had done it, until I felt my shirt sticking to my side and felt that warm sensation coming from his nappy.
So i abandoned my shopping, rushed the kids to the car to change Cruz, to not have any nappies with me…. 

So I took off Leo’s wet shirt and wrapped a beach towel (a very large one) around him and strapped him into his seat, I put a picnic blanket underneath Cruz’s but in his carseat to protect the seat from the poo, i then proceeded to drive home in my bra (I was not going to keep wearing that shit covered shirt any longer than I had to) and raced home to put them both in the bath and myself in the shower.

Lesson: Always be prepared, even when you don’t think you need it, be prepared.

So that’s when my baby bag game definitely stepped up a level.
I have a bag packed hanging on our coat rack, ready to go at all times, it is always fully stocked and then restocked whenever I’ve used things. 
It goes in the car or in the pram with me no matter what I think is going to happen, just in case.

And then of course, I have an emergency pouch stashed in the bottom of my pram basket, and an emergency box in my car.

The Baby Bag

I use a backpack as if I have to carry it, it’s much easier than a shoulder bag 🙂
This one is just from CityBeach, it has a massive main pocket and a front pocket and fits all my bits inside.
I don’t like baby bags as such because they have too many compartments, pockets etc inside of them and I’d rather organise the inside with my own little zip pouches, etc

  • Nappies (2 sizes, 3 per kid)
  • Wipes 
  • Nappy bags
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • 2 Shirts / 1 Shorts (1 per kid)
  • Dummy
  • Emergency Dummy
  • Baby/Kids Nurofen and Teething Gel
  • Lunch box of snacks
  • Bottles and formula
  • Water Bottles (1 per kid)
  • Iron Man and Gecko (Leo’s current favourites)

The Pram Pouch

I use this quilted zippy pouch that I got from Bella Buttercup, I also have the matching change mat) – It just stays in my pram basket at all times so if there’s a situation, I can deal.

  • Nappies (2 sizes, 1 per kid)
  • Wipes
  • Nappy bags
  • Shirt (1 per kid)

The Car Emergency Kit

I use a large square gift box that I found at home for this one, it lives in my car, usually on the floor in the back seat or in the boot and it is divided up inside with fabric boxes from IKEA to keep it organised.

  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • 2 Shirts / 2 Shorts (1 per kid)
  • 1 Shirt / Pants (for mum)
  • Toys
  • Lunch box of snacks
  • Water Bottles (1 per kid / 1 for mum)
  • Towels (2 in the boot)

Obviously all my organisation set ups above need to be inventoried regularly to make sure you have correct sizing of clothes (kids grow like grass) and as you use things, replace them.

I try to keep on top of my car one whenever I vacuum/clean out my car every few weeks or so.
The pram one get refilled every time I come home from an outing and know I have used something.
And the same with the baby bag. Each time I unpack it, I replace whatever I used.

I am a much more content and less stressed mum when I am organised, and I also never have to worry about being unprepared if I’m always prepared, and if not, that’s what my emergency kit is for 😀

I hope my little tips and tricks in this post help you out or give you some inspo to organise.
I also hope you don’t have to have a horrible poonami, spew or food/drink incident to kick your butt into gear to get organised 😛

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