Silvercross Wave – Unboxing / First Impression

You guys, wow, you guys – I am so excited for this post.

A very exciting package arrived on my doorstep last week; A very large set of 3 boxes of amazingness <3 (Leo was also very excited)

So I received the beautiful Silvercross Wave to test drive with my two crazy kiddies. So over the next few months, I’m going to be trialing this pram, and putting it through it’s paces.

Let’s jump straight into the unboxing and a quick first impression, I’ll be providing you a full review in a few months when I’m finishing trying it out completely 🙂



First Impression

Opening The Box

The colour is beautiful, it all looks so sleek and very very impressive.

Putting It Together

Super easy, click-click-click and it’s all together and upright looking amaze-balls.

Taking It For A Quick Spin

Oh damn, it rides smooth. It’s a pretty pram with a great set of wheels on it 🙂


It is so beautiful to look at, and lovely to push.
The moment I got it all set up, I shoved both my kids in there and proceeded to model the pram around my lounge room in front of my mum posing etc (it was embarassing)
But it is gorgeous, looks like it is straight out of a catalog.

I’ll admit, it is a little heavy – But when I say heavy, I mean it in a luxurious, amazing quality kind of way, You know yourself when you pick something up that is cheap, it seems flimsy and flexible and as though it could break quite easily. Well this thing ain’t breaking for no body, it is strongly built and so sturdy.

I cannot wait to see how it handles itself in all situations; city living, footpaths, at the park, at the zoo, etc – Let’s see!

Keep your eyes peeled for my full scale review of this beautiful baby accessory in the coming months.

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