Three Years Old

Leo Alexander Scott

Monkey, Speed-Demon, Little Mate, Shit Head, Bubba, Baby Boy, Leo The Lion… Whatever we have called you over the years, you are our OG baby boy, you made us parents for the first time and tomorrow.. tomorrow you are 3.
How is that even possible. 3 years have gone by, 3 years of loving you, growing with you and learning by your side.

I literally cannot write about you without beaming with pride, holding back tears and laughing at our incredibie memories.

You really are the biggest character, with so much sass and attitude that you send me up the walls some (most) days – But if you dimmed your light, even the littlest bit, you just wouldn’t be our bouncing baby boy that we love so much.

Now let’s relive your short 3 years of life, and see all that you’ve done, and all that we’ve experience together.


It’s hard to remember life before you. It is such a blur of love, laughter and sleep deprivation.
But you were worth it all kid <3

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