Ciaté London Extraordinary Foundation

Oh the pretty packaging always gets me! Look at this beautiful product. I am so excited to get to the goods inside & put it on my face! <3 I recently watched a video of Chloe Morello where she used this new product, and of course, I'm easily influenced by the girls on Instagram/YouTube that... Continue Reading →


Little Hair Refresh

I LOVE getting my hair done and I love going and seeing my girl Kaitlin as she is the best of the best! #HairGoddess I went in with 8 day old dirty hair, with ratty ends and horrible regrowth and came out looking a million bucks with my cute new mum LOB <3 Getting my... Continue Reading →

I’m Back Bitches

I am back! 😛 I'm refreshed, I'm exhausted and I am sore - But we have moved into our beautiful new house, we are relatively settled and I am so stoked that it is all over! I don't know about you guys, but I am loving the fact that we are now 'settled' - We... Continue Reading →

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