So we’re doing it all over again…

We are officially going back to the beginning.

Baby #3 ❤️

We are so excited to be adding another baby to our family, and even more excited to have found out it is a baby girl 😊

The pregnancy itself wasn’t much of a surprise, as we’d been planning to add another bub to our family for the last year. But after 8 months of tracking, ovulation kits and begging the universe, we finally got our wish 😆

So how are we preparing for baby girl?

Luckily, by me holding out hope that we would have another bub, I made sure to purchase smart products that could be used again when we were pregnant with Cruz in 2017/18. So we can reuse our big purchases like the cot, the pram, bouncer etc etc

But this baby being a girl has thrown a spanner in the works in regards to clothing, decor and general baby needs… Obviously I could reuse a lot of her brothers hand-me-downs as she isn’t going to know she is in a ‘boys’ outfit, but I’ll know, and of course I cannot wait to start purchasing for a baby girl as I’ve never done it before 😬

And of course, we are preparing the boys for a new addition as well. Well trying to.
Leo is so excited to get another sibling, which is no surprise to us, he takes to being a big brother like a duck to water.
Cruz on the other hand, is incredibly jealous and does not like to share us or his toys; so that will make things interesting when baby comes along. We really are unsure how he is going to take the attention being on someone else for a while.

But like anything else, we will adapt, adjust and enjoy our newest bundle when she comes along in February 2020 ❤️

I’m finally back on the grid, feeling better and ready to provide you guys with new and consistent content.

So keep your eyes peeled for more blogs, more instagram activity and just more me in general 😛

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