Shopping for Baby Girl

Well not in a million years did I think I would be in a position to fit out a wardrobe for a baby girl! My mind was set, that I was going to be boy mum through and through.
But here we are!

Now dressing a girl is a whole new kettle of fish, I am so unprepared and in need of all the help I can get!
I don’t even know where to start; what style do I want, do I want her to be super girly, pastels or brights, frills or no frills? – HELP!

So I’ve started to just wander around stores, see what catches my eye and what makes me excited to dress her in; And that’s what I’ve based most of my purchases off.

Baby girl is due in February, so it might be warm when she is born, but it’ll get cold real fast here in Sydney, so I have to be prepared for that, and try to not get carried away with dresses, rompers and cute little bloomers as she may not even get a chance to wear them.

Now time to jump in, what I have I bought so far?!

Best and Less


Singlet Bodysuit


Laser Cut Dress


Romper and Headband

Tops / Shirts

Frill Tee

Tights / Leggings


Footed Baby Tights

Socks / Stockings

Rib Tights


Zippy’s / Cozysuits

Pink Stripe Zippy


Short Sleeve Bodysuits


Floral Sretchies Leggings


Beanie, Mittens & Socks Set

Baby Bunting


Growsuits 2 pack


T-Shirt Onesie


Quilted Mattress Protector

Swaddles / Wraps

 White Jersey Wraps

So far a lot of basics and necessities, with a few fun and dressy pieces added in for style 😛

I am so fucking excited to have this bubba earthside and be able to dress her up for all you guys to see <3

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