Baby No 3 – Anatomy Scan (20wks)

A couple of weeks ago, I got to go and see my baby girl growing away in my tummy at my 20 Week Anatomy / Morphology scan.

I absolutely love going to ultrasounds, it makes me feel so connected and close to bubba even though I’m growing her lol
There’s just something about being able to see them move around and grow with each scan.

If you’ve previously had a baby, you’d know it’s pretty standard to have a morphology scan at around 18-20wks to check on bub, monitor growth and ensure nothing looks abnormal.

So baby girl is tracking along just fine, she is measuring around a week behind in size, but has plenty of time to catch up and is within the amount of days they allow before they require a growth scan. So that’s good.
And of course she has the 10 fingers and toes, 2 arms and legs etc that you’d like to see clearly on this scan.
Her little heart and brain are forming perfectly and right on track.
And she’s got long legs like daddy!

Another milestone we have surpassed this week is we have a name!
Hubby and I have finally settled on a first name for our baby girl (still under discussion on the middle name, but we’ll get there) – And a little hint.. It starts with an ‘E’ <3

Here are some pictures of our growing baby girl 🙂


Officially, I won’t have any further ‘scans’ coming up with bub until I meet her, but my OB does have a machine in his room and he typically gives me a little peak at her each time I see him (around every 4wks at the moment) – So I don’t have to wait until I meet her to get another look at her beautiful face 🙂

I’m yet to decide whether or not we’re going to do a 3D/4D scan as we never did one with either of the boys, so we shall see 🙂

I had my scan done at Sydney Ultrasound for Women, and cannot recommend them enough. They have conducted all my ultrasounds for all 3 babies, including the genetic testing. So they are amazing!

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