Every Makeup Routine – Updated

It’s been a hot minute since we last looked into my everyday makeup routine. So I thought why the hell not revisit the topic and fill you guys in on my latest and greatest products in my collection, and what I now use on a daily basis to hide my mum-bags and lack of sleep 😛

I tend to use the same products on rotation, and just add more coverage if it’s a day-to-night look 🙂



Skin Prep

Skin Base

Eyes / Brows / Lips

Final Look

Super easy routine, takes me around 15 minutes if I just get in there and get it done, or can take up to 30 minutes if I move at a glacial pace and/or my kids interrupt me 83 times with requests and questions 🙂

Do you use any of the same holy grail products that I do?

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