Beauty Blender Bounce – Legit?

Ooh I know ya'll are just excited about this new product as I am <3 ** Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation ** The hype is real; the results are in and everyone is loving the shit outta this baby. I am so excited to trial it out on myself and see how I feel about it.... Continue Reading →


Linen Closet Overhaul!

You guys know when you see any kind of redecoration in my house that it involves a trip to Kmart, Target, Big W etc and that I loved every single thing about it! ๐Ÿ˜› And I love me a good Before and After - So here you go! So what I am working with, is... Continue Reading →

Oh yes, it is time to refresh my hair routine, and (finally) start looking after my hair in a more legit way. For a while now, I've been lazy and apprehensive with my haircare. I've been buying supermarket hair products and definitely not willing to invest in some good quality products to protect and repair... Continue Reading →

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