Mountain Buggy Nano v2 – Let’s Explore Together

I am a lucky duck who recently got her pram-loving hands on this beautiful travel pram by Mountain Buggy. The Nano v2 is a compact, lightweight and zippy little thing that is going to come in super handy with our crazy on the go family life. Let's not beat around the bush and dive straight... Continue Reading →

Mountain Buggy Nano v2 – Unboxing

Surprise surprise, I'm reviewing another pram here on TheMakeupMumma 😜 This time it is the handy, lightweight and compact Mountain Buggy Nano v2! Let's unbox this baby! Upon initial opening, I'm like sweet just pop these wheels on and we are GTG! (good to go) But me, being the uncoordinated and 'I can do anything... Continue Reading →

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